What is a Chemjet Tree Injector?

The Chemjet tree injector is an Australian-made simple micro-injection and infusion system developed for trees. Chemjets are simple spring loaded syringe that is faster and easier to use than other systems with effective results Completely re-loadable and re-usable, with a simple cleaning, for multiple uses Easy application-No high-pressure damage-Few tools required Covers a large selection of tree health care products with systemic formulations of antibiotics, insecticides, nutrients, minerals, and fungicides available for tree injection treatments Ideal for the homeowner and the Professional Tree Care Industry Injection uptake varies for S.O.D.- 5 to 45 minutes For Oak Wilt- 3 to 5 hours Based on Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia, Chemjet® Trading Pty Ltd. A.B.N. 88 010 755 745 was established in 1986 by August Gorissen. August and his wife Astrid originally owned an avocado plantation and developed the Chemjet® Tree Injector as a means to counteract diseases that were threatening their crop. The Gorissens found that `injection’ with Phosphorous acid was the only effective method of treating the devastating Phytophthora disease in their trees causing root rot, trunk cancers, and fruit rot. Realizing that the injector could be of enormous benefit to growers around the world, the Gorissens researched their method to develop and patent the Chemjet® Tree Injector. Today the device is used in many countries, and is readily accepted as one of the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods for control of Phytophthora diseases and Insect pests. Many valued customers from around the world have found a use for Chemjet Tree Injectors. Whether the need is for controlling phytophthora in avocado trees in Australia or New Zealand, protecting Durian trees in Asia, protecting hardwood trees from Sudden Oak Death in California, or Mango trees in South America. The Chemjet is also used to protect trees in the USA from Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Chestnut Canker, Apple Blight, White Walnut Canker, Emerald Ash Borer, and Nutrient and Mineral deficiency. Chemjet Tree Injectors is the injection tool for your job.

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