Macro v. Micro

Macro Injection System

  • Causes more damage
  • Takes over twice as long per tree
  • More invasive to the trees
  • Set up can take more than one day.
  • Injects a high volume of water with a small dosage of the fungicide, Propiconazole 14.3 MEC
  • 5/16″ drill size (twice as big as micro drill size)
  • Requires a far greater number of injectors, due to the larger exposed area of the root flare area
  • Removes beneficial microbes in soil reducing nutrient take-up in the future
  • The exact amount of chemical injected in each hole is not possible, so you won’t know if there is a problem with the tree’s vascular system.

Chemjet Micro Injection System

  • Simple to use
  • Reduced damage to trees
  • Shorter labor time so more trees can be treated in a day, which means lower labor costs for customers
  • Less invasive to the trees
  • Injects the exact dosage rate of the fungicide, as per the label instructions, with a low volume of water and you can see how much the tree draws from each
  • Injector so you can be sure you get the right amount all the way around the tree
  • Provides an effective booster shot for your trees, with far better results
  • The simplest and most effective micro-injection infusion system ever developed for trees
  • Injectors are both re-usable and re-loadable so there is no throwaway plastic for the landfills
  • 11/64″ drill size (half as big as macro drill size)
  • Better results, with only 16 small drill portals at a lesser cost to the tree with smaller drill damage, faster wound closure, very efficient uptake, less intensive labor, and best of all your job is out of the dirt providing the least chance of pathogenic infection.