What Can I Treat?

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What Can I Treat?


Chemjets are ideal for treating common fungal diseases such as Oak wilt, Dutch Elm Disease or Laurel Wilt to name a few. Using a broad spectrum fungicide like propiconazole mixed in a 50/50 solution and injected proactively is always recommended, although trees can be treated therapeutically if caught in the earliest stages of the disease.


Bacterial diseases can be tricky to treat. Anthracnose(leaf blight) is one of those bacterial diseases that can be treated by trunk injection using a fungicide or bactericide. Bacterial Leaf Scorch can be treated with tetracycline to control the disease but must be administered on a yearly basis as it does not cure the disease, only alleviates the symptoms during the year. We will continue to update on new research being done to control other bacterial diseases.


Insects such as sap suckers and borers can be devastating to trees. The Emerald Ash Borer is fast becoming one of the most destructive insects in the U. S. It has now moved into Texas near the Ft. Worth area and is sure to spread throughout the state in the next few years. Imiclorprid or Emamectin Benzoate 4% are effective in proactively treating Ash trees to prevent these insects from killing your trees. There are also a variety of other insecticides that are broad spectrum and can be used to treat for a variety of pests that invade trees.


Potassium phosphite is an effective fertilizer for treating root rots(phytophthora and cotton) and Sudden Oak Death(S.O.D).

Iron, manganese and nitrogen are just a few nutrients that can be injected into a tree to help with chlorosis or stunted leaf growth.